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Tactile CRM Releases: what we have done

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Recent Releases

4.3 - Admin Release (23/9/2010)

We are please to announce the lastest version of Tactile CRM which has focused around improving the admin and security features available in Tactile CRM.

The main features in this new release are:

  • Exported CSV files are now zipped to dramatically reduce email size
  • Allow users to select AM/PM and 24h time formatting
  • Allow users to customise the login page by adding their own logo
  • Allow admin users to mass update permissions
  • Allow admin users to set default permissions for newly created items
  • Allow admin users to turn off export options for users
  • Allow admin users to turn off import options for users
  • Added some additional fields to the add people dialog

4.2 - RSS Release (16/7/2010)

This release included a number of new features including the much requested RSS feed for dashboards and objects (including organisations, people, opportunities and activities). The full list of new features and bug fixes are below:

*Update the quick add person dialog to include additional fields such as job title
*Add an RSS feed for the dashboard recent activity
*RSS feed of recent activity
*Added anti-spam measures to the Web Form
*Made the company name in header a link to view the company
*Fixed deleted items remaining in Recently Viewed
*Allowed activities to be assigned to an opportunity
*Fixed addresses and phone number labels that are not imported from Google contacts

4.1 - Interim Bug Release (14/6/2010)

This interim bug release addresses a number of bug fixes and a number of minor feature enhancements including (but not limited too):

  • New user name request system that allows users sharing the same email to function as expected
  • Stopped deleted items showing up in the recently view list
  • Fixed a restriction issues that stopped filters with '&' working properly
  • Fixed todo editing so that the time wasn't lost
  • Updates to deal with issues with character sets
  • Fixed missing hh:mm when using the activity quick add
  • Fixed bug that allowed editing of archived opportunities
  • Standarised the opportunity terminology
  • Fixed a bug that stops tags being merged with organisations/people
  • Added the 'from' address on unassigned emails
  • Added search by email