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Tactile CRM Roadmap: what we have, and what's coming

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We believe customers have a right to know what is coming in future versions of our software and influence what we develop (you can check out our user suggestions and feature requests, and make your own too).

The roadmap below shows what is coming in Tactile CRM - we will let you know when the features are ready via your dashboad and email. We don't include dates in our roadmap to avoid disappointment, but we do our best to keep with the features below:

In the pipeline

  • Show assigned to field for Organisations
  • Add a created date column to all exports
  • Add probability to Opportunity quick-add
  • Allow multiple contacts against opportunities
  • Activity Tracks
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Query Builder
  • Xero Integration
  • Dynamically load right hand menu items on dashboard
  • Update Date Picker
  • Save exports to disk instead of emailing them if too large
  • Allow people to click to edit the last contacted date
  • Add date option to custom fields
  • Add To-Dos to iCal Feed
  • Add last contacted date to organisation an people exports
  • Add address fields to web form
  • Add drop downs when entering times
  • Add alert when creating a new organisations etc.
  • Auto update the end time on events to be +1 hour from the start
  • Record a close date in addition to the expected close
  • Deduplicate people on email address as well as name
  • Allow multiple currencies for opportunities
  • Google calendar sync
  • Contact sync with Google shared address book
  • Set up auto reminders for people not contacted in 'x' days
  • Add view of last contacted organisations/people
  • Automatically upload picture from social networks or gravatar if there isn't one
  • Allow multiple activities to be assigned to different users
  • Auto create contacts that don't exist via the dropbox
  • Add 'assigned to' field to the opportunity overview
  • Allow users to click on pipeline stages in the report to see opportunities
  • Allow users to click on pipeline stages in the report to see opportunities in...
  • Add search by field for organisations
  • Add the ability to restrict the list of organisations and people by letter

Recent Suggestions

Why not help us to help make Tactile CRM better - visit the feedback forum if you have any ideas or suggestions and we will consider them for inclusion in a future version of Tactile CRM.